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Hi, I’m Ann

I’m a clinical social worker and a massage therapist, and I believe that everyone deserves a life of wellness, and access to treatment and care that supports their health goals.

In my role as clinical social worker, I work primarily with trauma survivors, and people seeking relief from depression or anxiety. I view my clients as the experts on their own lives, and I value collaborating with them to help bring balance back to their lives using proven treatments.

As a massage therapist, I offer relaxation and therapeutic touch to those who are overstressed, isolated, suffering from chronic pain and medical issues, and those who simply want the health benefits of massage. There’s a whole field of research supporting the need for therapeutic touch, and I’m excited to offer massage in both individual and small group environments to accommodate a range of wellness goals.

I often get asked if my clients can see me for both psychotherapy AND massage, and unfortunately the answer is no – they need to choose one or the other. When a provider has dual relationships with a client, the resulting confusion can be counter-therapeutic.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me.