Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You by Ann LeFevre, PhD, LCSW, CMT book sample

I’m excited to share that I published my first book in January 2018! It’s called Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You. If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed, it may be just what you need to generate some momentum and move forward in your life. In this book, you will be reminded of some life lessons you likely already know but may have forgotten, learn some new skills, and be encouraged to find the strength and commitment to make changes where needed.

Each chapter includes a lesson illustrated with personal stories from my life, Thinking Points to get you tuned in on how to apply the lesson to your own life, and finally Action Items to really set the wheels in motion. And, it comes with lots of FREE bonuses – videos to illustrate some skills taught in the book, a Companion Workbook, and my Milk Bath recipe. Please feel free to check out a sample of Live Your Life: 14 Days to the Best You.

I look forward to walking beside you on your journey to finding contentment, satisfaction, motivation, desire and passion, and genuine excitement for your life.

Book Videos

Milk Bath Recipe

Ann’s Milk Bath Recipe