Massage & Acupressure

If you’re looking to ease pain or tension, lower your mental and physical stress, or improve your overall health and functioning, you’ve come to the right place. Massage has been shown to bring on the relaxation response, which lowers stress hormones, reduces tension in the body, and promotes good sleep.

My massage packages are all-inclusive, and I do not accept tips. I only use organic products that I blend myself, and you can choose to include aromatherapy, a sugar scrub for the feet or back, cupping, and warm towels for the back and feet. My massages are longer, with 70, 100 or 120-minute sessions available.

My massages are never painful, and are always customized to meet your individual needs. I approach the body gently and gradually, adding more pressure as I go, based on client preference.

Some clients prefer an acupressure massage, which can be done fully clothed, and is very gentle and relaxing. Acupressure releases tension, increases blood and energy flow, and restores balance in the body. It is excellent for depression, anxiety, and trauma, and also for insomnia, headaches and chronic pain. It can be done if needed with the client sitting in a chair.

Credit cards, cash, checks or SpaFinder cards accepted for payment.