Are you interested in learning about health and wellness topics, from a holistic, East meets West perspective? Consider attending a Restore Body and Soul Workshop!

Ann LeFevre is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Massage Therapist, and Certified Acupressurist, and she brings her unique perspective on well-being to each workshop. Bring a friend or family member if you’d like, meet like-minded people, and see long-term results from a short investment of your time.

Acupressure for Insomnia


Do you find yourself staring at the clock several nights a week? Tossing and turning and wishing you would be sleeping? Nearly 60% of adults in the U.S. suffer from insomnia at least 2-3 nights each week, so you are not alone.

Come learn how acupressure, the ancient art of finger pressure that uses the same energy points as acupuncture, can quickly and effectively improve your sleep!

At this workshop, you will learn about the acupressure approach to insomnia, and over a dozen acupressure points to use on yourself that target sleep. You will also learn how to create your ideal sleeping environment, a bedside relaxation routine designed to prepare your body and mind for rest, and 2 full-length self-acupressure routines. A fully illustrated manual is provided.

Date and Time Location
Coming in Spring 2018 Aloft Santa Clara
510 America Center Drive
San Jose, CA 95002
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Other health and wellness related subjects will be covered in future workshops, please check back soon!!


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