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**Due to COVID-19, all massage services are being permanently discontinued. This was a very difficult decision, but the risks are too great. Thank you so much for your support.**

Yomassage Class

Yomassage® is the ultimate relaxation experience, and was created to make therapeutic touch accessible to everyone. With Yomassage®, clients can receive hands-on massage therapy in a small group environment (max of 5 per class), fully clothed, while relaxing in restorative positions and practicing mindfulness. The luxurious, small group setting creates a safe and welcoming environment, while costing less than a regular massage, and providing the additional benefits of stretch, mindfulness, and community.

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What do Yomassage® classes look like?
Yomassage® spaces are warm and welcoming, with soft lighting and relaxing music. You will be greeted by your Therapist (who is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yomassage® Therapist) and invited to sit at a station that is set up and ready for you. You should always arrive at least 15 minutes early, as the doors lock 10 minutes prior to class to allow everyone time to settle and start on time.

Classes open with mindfulness, allowing participants to let go of their day, focus on the present moment, and prepare their minds and bodies for deep relaxation. The “Yo” in Yomassage® is based on the principles of yoga, which is the focus on the breath and the philosophy of looking within, and these create the foundation for each class.

Next, participants are guided through a series of restorative, gentle stretches, each lasting 5-10 minutes. Once everyone is comfortable, the therapist tells the class which part of the body will be massaged in the current position, and proceeds to provide hands-on massage for each person.

Following the final relaxation position, participants are guided through a closing meditation, and gently invited to carry on with their day. By the end of class, each participant has received at least 15-20 minutes of hands-on massage, and will float away in their post-massage bliss.

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Are Yomassage® classes sanitary?
Yes! As someone who hates germs more than the average person, I can assure you they are! Clean pillowcases are provided for each participant to drape over their bolsters, so your face only ever touches your personal pillowcase. Your therapist uses a special hand sanitizer spray between clients that dries quickly and is never sticky. Blankets are washed between classes, and mats and additional props are cleaned with anti-bacterial spray after each class. If you are sick or are coming down with a cold, please reschedule and come back when you’re well!


Do I need to bring anything? What should I wear?
You do not need to bring anything – everything will be provided for you and ready for your arrival. Please wear comfortable, preferably fitted clothing (similar to what you might wear to a yoga or exercise class) to allow for comfort, stretch, and massage.


I’ve never done yoga and I’m not flexible at all…is this for me?
YES. You don’t need to have any yoga experience, or any level of flexibility to get the full benefit of Yomassage®. Variations of each position are offered, always starting with the most supported and gentlest version, so please do not worry if you cannot touch your toes or even your knees. However, you do need to be able to get yourself safely down to the floor, and back up at the end of class.


What kind of pressure is used during the massages? I prefer deep tissue.
The purpose of Yomassage® classes is to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Light and medium pressure is used to ensure that the relaxation system in the body is activated, instead of the pain or alarm system. However, most classes do offer the opportunity to use firm Yomassage® balls during a time of self-massage to apply deeper pressure to hands, feet, or between the shoulder blades, for participants who are craving deep tissue.


Are there drop-in classes, or must I pre-register?
There are no drop-in classes, and you must pre-register to reserve your spot. Payment is required when you pre-register, and refunds are not given if you arrive after the door is locked (10 minutes prior to start of class), if you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours prior to class, or if you no-show.


I’m pregnant – can I still attend a Yomassage® class?
Sure! If you are cleared by your doctor to receive massage therapy and can safely get to the floor, you can make Yomassage® an enjoyable part of your prenatal self-care routine. Comfortable and safe variations of positions are offered for pregnant participants. Please alert your therapist when you pre-register that you are expecting, and how far along you are.


How often should I attend a Yomassage® class?
As often as you’d like! Research from the field of touch therapy has found that 15 minutes a day of therapeutic touch leads to the best outcomes in terms of mental and physical health. You get a minimum of 15-20 minutes of therapeutic touch in each Yomassage® class, which is by design. And, Yomassage® is a great way to connect with others, increasing the benefits of each class.


How much do Yomassage® classes cost?
The cost of Yomassage® varies depending on class length, size, and location. Classes last 60-120 minutes, and smaller classes allow for additional hands-on massage time. Please click Schedule Appointment to select the option that best meets your needs.


Can I schedule a private Yomassage® class?
Sure! A private Yomassage® class is perfect for a girls’ night out, a family get-together, an office party or wellness retreat, a gift for your own clients…the possibilities are endless! Costs vary depending on class location, length, and size. I can travel to your location and bring everything with me, if you can provide a space large enough to accommodate your group (max of 5 per class). Please contact me and we’ll figure it out together!


I’m a mental health provider, and I think Yomassage® classes would be helpful for my clients who are trauma survivors. Can you provide this service for my specialized population?
Yes! I have an additional Yomassage® certification, called Yomassage® Trauma-Informed Bodywork, that is specifically geared towards providing specialized care for trauma survivors. Although I use trauma-informed practices in all of my classes, it can be helpful at times to have additional information or a personal referral, depending on the severity of your client’s symptoms or if additional accommodations may be necessary. I’m happy to send you a brief intake form to complete with or on behalf of your clients, and it’s helpful (though not required) to have clients sign a release giving me permission to contact you if necessary. If you would like me to offer a class at your location (e.g., in a group room), please contact me and together we’ll work out the details.


I’d like to learn more about Yomassage®…
Please visit www.yomassage.com to learn more, to book a class anywhere across the country, and to buy Yomassage® merchandise. (Yomassage® shirts will be available for purchase at most classes, in case you want to save the cost of shipping!)

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